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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tear my clothes off and rape me

A young woman develops an interest in kinky sex, but who is she going to trust to tie her up and abuse her but her own brother.

The next day when I saw my brother parking his car I ran upstairs, leaving behind a little note, and a ski mask. The note was clear and short. It said that he should put on the ski mask, come upstairs, tear my clothes off, and rape me.

For the occasion I had on one of my old bras and an old pair of panties, a T-shirt, and a pair of gym shorts I never wore. My heart was pounding in my chest as I waited for him to show up.

I stood by my dresser and pretended to be brushing my hair while I waited. Every little creak and noise I heard made me gasp and look around. He was sure taking his time.

Then the door to my bedroom was flung open, smashing into the wall with a bang that startled me and made me scream. I whirled to see Rob wearing the ski mask.

He stalked towards me as I stared at him in pretended fear.

'I'm gonna fuck you, bitch,' he growled.

I jumped away from him but he grabbed me. I wrestled away and tried to crawl under the bed but he caught me by the ankle and dragged me out from underneath.

He jumped on top of me, rolling me roughly onto my back. I tried to punch at him but he pinned my arms to my sides and pressed his legs against them to pin them there as he sat straddling my body and leering down at me.

'You sure look like a tight little slut to me,' he sneered, his hands sliding up my belly and onto my breasts.

'Let me go!' I cried.

'Shut your mouth, slut,' he ordered.

He gripped the front of my T-shirt and ripped it open, then grabbed my bra and tore it apart, baring my breasts.

I let out a cry of shock as he tore my clothes off, my mind humming with sexual desire as he sank his fingers into my soft round flesh. He squeezed them hard, then bent and bit down on one of my breasts.

I cried out again, writhing beneath him, but he only laughed.

'I'm gonna fuck your tight little cunt, baby,' he said.

He shifted his position atop me to get at my lower body, and I rolled and kicked out at him, getting him in the stomach. For a moment I was free, and tried to get to my feet. He jumped me, his arm going around my throat and jerking me back hard against his body.

I gasped, finding it hard to breath as his arm pressed hard against my throat. His other hand groped one of my breasts as he bent me backwards.

'Think you can get away from me, you stinking little whore,' he growled cruelly. 'I'm gonna stuff my cock down your mouth and drown you in jism!'

We were on our knees, my body pressed against his. I gurgled helplessly, thrilled by his words as he turned and flung me belly down over the edge of the bed. His arm jerked away from my throat and he grabbed my shorts in both hands, ripping them apart, tearing them right off me.

His hand jammed in between my thighs and squeezed my pussy hard, then he ripped my panties off.

'Ahh, look at this fur pie,' he sneered, gripping my bare mound. 'Nice soft, cunt meat for the taking!'

He grabbed me by the hair and jerked me back, hard enough that I yelped in pain. He flung me on the floor and knelt between my splayed legs, undoing his pants and jerking them down.

'Ready for it, bitch?' he growled. 'Ready for my bone?'

He pulled out his hard erection and waved it at me, then pressed it against my pussy opening. I started to twist away and he grabbed me by the throat, forcing me back down flat.

'Don't move, whore, or I'll beat the shit out of you,' he hissed.

He gripped my thighs and dragged my bottom a little closer, then let my legs drop again and pressed his cock firmly against my moist, warm pussy crack. He thrust in hard, then dove atop me. His cock drove deep, and I cried out in pain as he crushed me to the floor and buried his cock in my quim.

He mashed his lips down hard against mine, his hand seizing a thick hank of my hair and jerking my head back as he crushed my breast painfully hard with his other hand.

He humped hard and fast, tearing his cock around in my belly as I gasped and cried out in dazed pleasure and pain. I tasted blood on my lips as his mouth crushed mine. His hips almost bounced against me, his cock tearing in and out of my burning fuck opening.

'Fucking whore!' he growled. 'Stinking bitch! Take my cock, bitch! Take my cock! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Fucking whore! Fucking cheap fuck-hole!'

My insides were burning up, and every time his cock stabbed up into me I felt a startling blast of jagged heat. I gasped and grunted and moaned as he fucked me hard, hardly able to think as my mind spun under the crackling sexual heat pouring through me.

I bucked and shook, my legs bouncing on the floor as he hammered his cock down into me with unrestrained violence and energy. He pulled back and grabbed the backs of my legs, then jerked my legs up and slammed them back against my chest.

He shifted his grip down along my legs to just above my ankles, straightening them and slamming them back over my shoulders. I cried out as my back ached, as my bottom was pulled into the air. He laughed and pounded his hips down against my bottom with furious heat, my bottom springing up and down under the hammer blows of his muscular hips.

Fire raced through my mind and I cried out as I came. A shockwave tore through me, reverberating back and forth inside my body as I thrashed and bucked and my mind spun. The universe turned out and I basked in the luscious, glorious pleasure slashing through my body.

Nothing existed by the pleasure and the hard furious pounding of his hips against me and his cock inside me.

I slowly came out of it, groaning as my eyes fluttered blearily. My body continued to shake under the hard pounding Rob was giving me, and I groaned as I tried to focus my eyes on him so - so high above me.

I felt my insides turning over, twisting and roiling in desire and burning sensual delight. I could hardly think with the waves of lust still washing over me. His cock was just - ramming down my pussy tunnel, pistoning in and out and like a jack hammer.

I came again, a long, warbling groan of ecstasy escaping my lips as I felt him increase the temp of his movements even more. My head jerked spasmodically, unable to even move because my ankles were jammed against the sides.

Then he stopped, groaning, his cock buried in my bubbling stewpot. He slowly let his weight off my ankles, letting them rise, letting my bottom ease back towards the floor.

He let my legs up and then dropped them on the floor. I lay unmoving, groaning weakly. He grabbed my breasts roughly, squeezing them, then he gripped my wrists and jerked my hands up together on my belly.

He reached down to his pants, which were around his knees then, and pulled out a tie from the pocket. He made me press my hands together like I was praying then wrapped the tie around them several times before pulling it up between my wrists, to bind them even tighter together. He tied off the tie then got to his feet, pulling his pants, shoes, and shirt off.

He gripped one of my wrists and jerked me up to my feet then forced me back against one of the tall corner posts of my bed. He lifted my hands up above me and held me there as he tied the tie off, then stepped back, eyes hungry, my body taut, as he looked me up and down.

'I bet I could sell you to a pimp for some pretty good money,' he said with a sneer. 'Hot cunt meat is always worth money.'

He cupped my pussy and squeezed it hard enough to make me wince.

'You'd probably even like that, wouldn't you, slut? You'd get to fuck ten or twenty guys every night, get to give blow jobs in alleys and let bums come in your face.'

He walked out of the room for a minute, leaving me standing there, struggling weakly, my wrists bound immovably against the post. It felt - weird, but exciting, my bare bottom pressed back against the cool, round wood, my arms held high above me, my chest rising and falling rapidly.

He came back with a small box in his hand, then set it down on the bed behind me.

'Tell me where you hide the money, slut,' he demanded.

'No!' I cried.

He squeezed one of my breasts until I gasped in pain.

'Show respect for your betters, slut girl,' he growled.

He seized my hard pink nipple and pinched it, pulling it out from my body, making my breast pull out in a narrow cone as I winced and squirmed in pain.

He let it go, then reached behind me to the box and pulled out - an ice cube. I stared at it as he held it in his fingers.

'Where's the money, bitch?'

'Fuck you,' I gasped.

He pressed the ice cube against the center of my chest, then slid it under my left breast. I gasped and tried to twist away, then kicked out at him, knocking him back. He moved in again, pressing his leg against mine to pin them back to the bed, then he rolled the ice cube around and around my nipple.

He slid it over to my other breast, rolling it all over it. The ice cube was melting, and the cold water trickled down my breasts and onto my belly. He laughed as I gasped and squirmed, sliding the cube down my belly, then up the side of my ribs and under my arm.

'Talk, whore! Tell me where the money is.'


He slid the cube right down onto my pussy. I gasped and squirmed, trying to kick out at him as he forced it through my pussy lips and his fingers jammed it up into my pussy tunnel.

'Stop! No! Oohh! Don't! Take it ooout!' I cried.

His fingers pushed up my pussy tunnel to the knuckles, shoving the ice cube high inside me.

'Maybe that'll cool your hot little pussy off, tramp,' he snickered.

He stepped back and I tried to shake the ice cube out, lifting my feet one at a time, dancing in place as the cube shifted slowly inside me.

'Ohhh! It's cooold! It stings!' I whined.

'Tell me where your money is and I'll take it out!'

'Fuck you! Bastard!'

He laughed and got something else from the box. It was a candle. He took out a lighter and lit it, then waved it slowly back and forth in front of my eyes.

'Ready to change your mind?' he grinned.

'What are you gonna do?' I asked warily.

He put the candle near my nipple and I swallowed nervously.

'Don't you dare burn me,' I said.

He tilted the candle and some wax dribbled off and onto my nipple. I yelped in pain as the hot drops stung my nipple.

'Ready to be an obedient little whore?'


He tilted the candle again and more wax dribbled onto my nipple. It hardened almost instantly against the straining pink bud. He shifted the candle to my other nipple, and again stung it with wax that quickly built up around it. My nipples burned a little, but there wasn't any real pain.

He crushed the hard wax, breaking it away from my first nipple, and baring it, then dribbled more wax onto it. He blew the candle out, then reached into his box and pulled out something else. It was a banana. He took out a little jar and rubbed some gooey cream onto the tip and top of the banana, then pressed it against my pussy hole.

I gasped as he lifted one of my legs up and jammed the banana into my pussy. The creamy stuff was slippery, and he was able to force the thick banana halfway up me without much difficulty.

He pumped the banana into me as he held my leg up, leering at me as I panted and groaned. He shoved it up deeper, and I groaned as my body began to throb with pleasure once again.

'Yeah, look it the little slut get off on the banana,' he sneered.

'S-stop iiit,' I groaned.

'I can do anything I want to you, whore,' he said. 'Anything at all.'

He let my leg drop and abruptly turned me around to face the bedpost. He slapped my buttocks, making me yelp in pain.

'Talk, bitch. Tell me where the money is,' he demanded.

He pulled on my hair, making me cry out, then he slapped my buttocks again, then again. The banana was still stuffed deep into my pussy hole as his hand cracked against my bottom, and my pussy squeezed and sucked on it as the fiery sexual lust built up higher and higher inside me.

Every time he slapped my bottom I jerked forward, and the post mashed up between my legs. I groaned and humped against it deliberately, grinding my snatch and the banana against the hard wood as Rob slapped my bare buns red.

'Wish I had a bull whip,' he said. 'That'd put you in your place, little whore.'

I raised one of my legs, curling it around the bedpost as I ground myself against it. My pussy burned higher and hotter, and I grunted with pleasure each time his hand cracked against my bottom. My pussy was throbbing with lust, and my mind was starting to spin out of control.

Rob stopped, then reached above me, untying one end of the tie, then pulling my wrists higher still, forcing me up onto my toes. He tied them there again, and I tried to curl my leg around the post. Rob jerked it down, then he jerked my hair back again.

'Maybe you need more than just a spanking, you whore,' he growled.

I didn't know what he meant at first. I was floating on a wave of pleasure and wild, dark, thrilling sexual heat.

Then something cracked hard against my bare behind. It wasn't his hand, and hit harder. I cried out in genuine pain, twisting my head around to see him holding his belt, doubled up in his fist.

He swung it down against my bottom and again I cried out, the pain sharp and biting.

'Owwww! Stop it!' I cried.

Again the belt lashed across my buttocks. Again there was a blast of pain.

'OWww! No! Stop! Agghh!' I cried as the belt whipped against my buttocks again and again.

I pulled at the ties, but they held fast. I danced and jumped from foot to foot, unable to do much because of how tight I was stretched. The belt bit into my buttocks, hurling me forward against the post repeatedly, mashing the end of the banana into the wood as I cried out in pain.

Rob jerked back on my hair, pulling my head way back as he bent over me.

'Is this what you need, slut?' he demanded. 'Is this what turns you on?'

His hand gripped my pussy, jerking on the banana, rubbing it against my hardened clitty. Steam fairly poured from my pussy, almost as hot now as my buttocks. Before, everything had been completely safe, a game that was under my control. Now that belief in control had gone and with it a sparkling, hot sense of danger, of helplessness.

Rob bit down on my throat and squeezed one of my breasts hard, then drew back and slashed the belt across my bottom again.

I cried out in pain and pleasure both, my pussy mashing into the wood as the belt hurled my hips forward. The pain was not as raw now. My bottom throbbed with heat, and the heat seemed to shield me from the biting ache. What would he do?! Anything he wanted! I couldn't stop him!

Again and again the belt lashed across my buttocks, and now, without that sharp pain, I started to concentrate more on my pussy, more on the pleasure coursing through my veins.

I raised my leg again, curling it around the post as I mashed my pussy and the banana against it. The belt cracked across my buttocks repeatedly, and my mind spun as the orgasm roared upwards to explode inside my skull.

The orgasm hit as Rob shifted his aim. The belt hit right across my shoulders, almost knocking me breathless. The next blow hit the middle of my back, then my lower back. I was - it - It was like all my fantasies had come to life, like I was really being whipped, and the orgasm roared through me like a freight train.

It was more powerful than any I had ever experienced. It rocked me to the core of my being, sending my nervous system into meld-down as I screamed in pleasure.

I totally lost it, mashing my pussy against the wood with all my strength as Rob beat my buttocks and back with the belt.

I trembled and shook, my mind paralysed by the stunning force of the climax that was shaking me. It went on and on, a prolonged firestorm of sexual gratification that threatened to burn out my nervous system with its power.

Never before had I experienced anything like this. The orgasm seemed to last forever. I couldn't breath, couldn't think. I quivered like a leaf in a windstorm, my left knee drawn back as my pussy bounced and vibrated against the post and the belt cracked down on my back and bottom.

Rob stopped, and my orgasm slowly faded. I was almost insensible, my mind burned out from lack of air. My face was pressed against the post, my eyes closed as I groaned weakly.
The end
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Anonymous said...

That was one of the best erotica I've ever read! It really had me itching for some of that action! I would have loved to be that guy! Are there are any more by this author?

Tyme69 said...

Sadly no
If I find any other good stories I'll post them here

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