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Athletic blond teases

When I think of tease, a long haired blonde comes to mind. Shes got a wonderful athletic body, titties that practically pop out of her shirt and legs that don't quit. Shes coy, but sexy. She invites me to peel off her clothes with my eyes first. I Imagine what she might look like nude. After teasing me with sexy poses, slowly she starts to undress.

The workout pants come off, followed by the stretchy tank top. I'm happy to stare at the full ripe breasts before wondering if she's shaved or trimmed. The blond hottie is going to play with me for awhile and I sit back and enjoy the show...

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Malena Morgan - Erotic picture story

In a single moment in time, I can picture clearly a sexy brunette Malena Morgan. She's almost naked but not quite. Her body is slim with perfect curves in all the right places. Her breasts are just large enough that I could cup one in each hand and feel the weightiness as I run a thumb over the nipples. The nips harden with every stroke and she moans when I lean down to flick my tongue over the soft flesh.

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Her sexy eyes beg me to go further. I run a hand down the front of her body, stopping just above her white panties. My finger hooks the elastic band and inches it down. I savor the moment and catch the slight scent of her sweet pussy.

I want more than anything to dive right in and fuck her like crazy, but she stops me and teases a while longer.

She sits back on the bed and eases the panties down a little more. Her finger finds that dark moist hole and she shows me how hot and horny she is.

Fuck she flips over and puts that sweet ass up. I nearly blow a load. My hungry eyes follow the natural curve of her ass cheeks to the tiny asshole and smiling pussy.

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I want to rip the panties off and put a finger in each hole. I want to make her feel every thrust. Make her ass rock up and down as my fingers push in and out of the warm holes.

She cries out with lust and pleasure. My fingers move faster, more insistent, harder.

The scent of pussy juice is strong now. I push my fingers up both holes filling her deeply. Her asshole clamps tight and her pussy becomes so wet. She begins to breath faster. She cries out in final ecstasy as I bend down and dart my tongue over her clit again and again. I thrust a last time with my fingers, sending her over the edge. Her body collapses  and I bring my wet hand to my mouth and taste the female cum  that I have so masterfully imagined...

Redhead fanatsy - natural tits firm ass soft pussy

Being a voyeur of sexy nude young women I often fantasize about walking alone in remote places and catching a glimpse of some pretty young thing bathing or picking flowers completely naked. It's the looking at gorgeous nude young ladies that turns me on. While I would love to fuck each and every perfect nude women that I may come across, the reality is I'm not that good looking myself and I'm afraid I might scare a young nymph off. Besides I can build my own private fantasies just by looking. I can go places and do things to any lovely naked beauty I want. It is only limited by my imagination.

redhead green eyes natural tits firm ass soft pussy
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A pretty little redhead with natural boobs, tight firm ass cheeks and soft pussy are all I need to get started. I see her there by a lake, she knows by instinct that her sexy soft curves have caught my attention.

 But it's the look in those sexy green eyes, that beckons me closer. The look that says she's nude for my eyes only. The sultry stare and the jutting poses tell me, shes hot and horny. Shes ready for anything.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Laura M In Lesbian Sex Scene

EuroGirlsOnGirls- Laura M in lesbian sex scene
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The big girl Laura M and her chunky GF  o a lesbian sex scene at EuroGirlsOnGirls. If your a Laura M fan you won't want to miss this. If your a big woman fan this just might get you off.

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Sweet lesbians lick pussy

Eurogirlsongirls Licking Pussy
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We all love sweet lesbian girls,we love them even more when they  are licking pussy. EuroGirlsOnGirls Has some hot content that features all girl girl porn. You will see some of the hottest pussy licking action and sweet girl girl loving

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stocking Pantyhose Nylon Tease Pictures

Tease Pics

Do you like to be teased by women in stockings, pantyhose, nylons or leggings? Does a gorgeous girl in a sexy outfit complete with the stocking, high heels or lingerie do it for you?

Upskirts short skirts and panties

Well you can look for pics all day or you can become a member at a top tease porn site and get the real deal. It's time you got yourself a present, indulge yourself, no one is going to know and it's a hell of a good way to spend those few hours a day when your all alone.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Life Erotic with Ruth A masturbating

Do you know why women lay like this while masturbating? It's because there so into it. They need to reach further and to stimulate their vaginas harder!

Ruth from the Life Erotic is no exception, she is totally into her masturbation scene. And this babe wants you to watch, because that makes her even hotter. Hot For You!

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Menage à 3 with Leila Anneli Pics From X Art

Do you crave threesomes? Leila will help satisfy those cravings in this hot pic set from X Art
It's totally hardcore erotica and  Leila and her friend will show you how erotic, sensual and passionate it can be.

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Big Boob Blond Nathaly Cherie

Nathaly Cherie from the Czech Republic is in the mood for a shower but she takes her time about it remembering that she wants to tease us for a while first with her curvy bod especially those 34C boobs which she takes out of her lacy black bra and seems pretty talented at tempting us with Nathaly's got a mischievous smile and shows it off as she turns around to stick her butt in our faces taking down the underwear to reveal her goods before getting into the shower and rinsing off while playing with herself in the spray Afterward she kneels on a chair and gets into the doggie style position and you'll have to hold yourself back from rubbing your dick up against the screen as you marvel at her nude pics She certainly knows how to spread her pierced pussy well

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Erotic Couple - Porn For Women

I think what I like most about this pic, is his hand on her ass. I mean what women wouldn't like that? Big strong hand, caressing your butt is just sexy and it feels good too. The picture come from Erotic Snap. It's a nice porn site for women, because it almost all made up of erotic couples. Click here or on the pic to see more of this hot sexy couple

Erotic and soft porn

Erotic and soft porn
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What is erotica and where can you submit a erotic story or poem

What is erotica? One of the best definition's state, that erotica is "writing intended to arouse and excite sexual feelings and desires". Erotica can also be visual. You might want to think about that. Erotica is about sex. It is about exciting the reader. It is not about any vague warm and fuzzy feelings with intellectual pretensions. It is about one of nature's most basic urges.

The purpose of erotica is to turn the reader on; to get the reader hot and bothered; to make the reader hard and wet. If the writer is doing it right, he or she is going to be just as affected by the writing. If you are not squirming in your seat as you write, it will not work with the reader. To do this, you have to be honest with yourself.

The biggest enemy of the beginning erotica writer is the writer's own internal censor. People will tell you why you should not write erotica. They will tell you that it is dirty. Nice people do not write this stuff. Your mother will see it. Your children will see it. The neighbors will see it. People will know that you do these perverted things.

First of all, sex is not dirty. Most people like sex. There would not be six billion people on this earth if they did not. Anyone who does not like sex is either doing it terribly wrong or may need professional help.

Nice people do write erotica. Ordinary people write erotica. People from differnet backgrounds and age groups from all over the world write eotica.

If you don't want your mother or children or friends to see it, don't show it to them and use a pen name.

As for people knowing that you do the things in your stories, consider that crime scene wrtiers, sci fi writers and any others don't do the things they wirte about. . Most erotica concerns sex fantasies from the back of people's imaginations. Just because you write about it doesn't meant that you do it. Besides, sex story sites have many many visitors , if your neighbors are reading it, they must like it too.

What is the difference between porn and erotica? Erotica tends to be of the written word, while porn tends to be more about actual visulizations.
The bottom line is, If the words turn you on, it is erotica. If the visual stimulation turns you on then it is porn. If it does nothing at all, it is garbage.

Do you write erotica? Erotictymes is taking story submissions. All you have to do is copy and paste the story into the body of the email along with your writers name and send it to eroticty@erotictymes.com We will email you back and let you know that the story is on the site. It just that easy. We do check your story for spelling and grammer, but we do not alter the text in any other way.

Erotictymes does not accept any stories about sex with the dog or sex with familty members, or stories that involve minors. We do have values and we do up hold them....Anything else pretty much goes. So go ahead and send us your story. We are also trying to get some interest in sexy poems. If you have one to share we would be happy to recieve it!

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